Sun Protection

Non-nano zinc oxide formula

All of our sun protection products are gentle and help to moisturize the skin while avoiding the rashes, irritation and stinging eyes caused by other sunscreens. Protekt products are environmentally friendly and free of chemicals that can harm coral reefs and marine life.

Protekt Products makes the best-tasting electrolyte formula I’ve ever had. They are a wellness company that is truly committed to positively impacting customer health, and I make sure to incorporate their electrolytes frequently into my routine as a supremely tasty way to keep all my minerals topped off.

Ben Greenfield


I use Protekt every day because I am training every day. The sunscreen saves my skin from the sun, and the supps and liquid packs keep my brain focused and body ready for whatever I am throwing at it that day. My immune system, brain and cardio have never felt better.

Nathan Florence


Protekt is hands down the best battery of wellness solutions for my lifestyle. Between early mornings, dad duties, business, and heavy stunt/outdoor work, it can all be a little overwhelming at times. Staying hydrated, getting solid rest, and having some extra caffeine for those tough days allows me to get it all done and still have the energy to be a good father.

Mark Healey


Protekt has become a staple in my life.  Whether I am scouting in the mountains, snowboarding, hunting or back home ranching with my family, Protekt is coming with me.  It’s kind of crazy that one line of products can cover all the essentials and provide such solid performance enhancement. I’ve never slept better or felt more ready to perform the days’ tasks. The fact that it is made in the USA and Veteran-Owned SEAL the deal for me.

Mark Carter


Protekt produces badass, simple, thoughtful, and useful supplements and sunscreens that WORK for me. 3-5 times a week I’ll hop on a bike, or a versaclimber for an hour plus and during hunting and guiding seasons i’ll walk 4-8 miles a day, and for me I can stay ahead of the effort with the hydration packets and the B6/Vitamin D dropper!

Trevor Thompson



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