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Nick Norris and the Importance of Mental Health

Protekt founder, Nick Norris, sat down with Tim Ferriss for a podcast interview and shared his experiences revolving around depression, grief, and improving his mental health.  

Norris lets listeners know that talking about grief is okay. It’s actually more than okay - it’s healthy. By opening up and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you shine a light on shadowy places that would otherwise remain dark. 

After serving in the military, Nick has gone through many experiences that a lot of us can’t imagine. And for the longest time, he told Ferriss, he kept those experiences to himself. That wasn’t doing him (or his family and friends) any good, though. When you bottle up grief, it gains strength. If you share your vulnerable feelings with others, it lessens your load and you become a lighter person because of it. Nick learned this after many years and hopes to share that life-saving fact with others. 

Sharing his feelings has been a big help, and so has sunlight, exercise, and caffeine. He’s big on rock climbing, and stands by the suggestion that thirty minutes of sunlight first thing in the morning will make for a better day. In fact, Nick took everything he learned from years of improving both physical and mental health to create a new line of supplements. He takes Clarity, the organic Lion's Mane mushroom complex, every day.

Check out what else Nick has to say - about physical and mental health - by checking out the rest of the podcast.

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