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For some, achieving balance is a goal. For Mark Healey, it’s a necessity. As a professional surfer, it keeps him on the board. As a stuntman, a Co-Founder of Protekt and a father to boot, it keeps him grounded.

Mark Healey working out and surfing with family

On and off the waves, Mark is challenged to keep his head above water. The key? He’s aware of his own limits, and he pays attention to the ways his responsibilities overlap in order to achieve harmony.

Living and dying are actually the same thing.Living and dying are actually the same thing.

Mark Healey balances life’s uncertainties with the simple things he knows he can control. That includes supplying his body and mind with the nutrients they need to get everything done.

It should be no surprise that Mark uses a perfect balance of Protekt supplements to optimize his mental and physical output. His go-to combination is a mix of Clarity, Primer and Energy. Clarity keeps him focused, Primer helps keep his muscles from getting fatigued and Energy keeps him moving through the afternoon. He may not know what challenges he’ll face from day to day, but he can be certain he’ll be prepared.


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Mark Healey is a man with a plan for everything he does, whether it be surfing, spearfishing, or bow-hunting. It’s why we made our clean-burning Energy Liquid Supplement his signature product. Mark is stoic and takes life one day at a time - we are big fans of his outlook, lifestyle, and discipline to the basics, and are proud to call him a partner.

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