Sunscreen - Not Just For Hot Weather

Sunscreen - Not Just For Hot Weather

Ski Mag is a magazine that’s all about - you guessed it - skiing. Skiing, the craftsmanship of the sport, and the equipment necessary to hit the slopes. That’s where Protekt comes in. 

Nick Norris chatted with Rick Sorenson, the writer of this article, and described in detail his affinity for nature. Specifically, nature that’s way up high. Even though he grew up in the Midwest (he’s a Chicago kid at heart), his father would routinely take Nick and his brother on vacations to Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, where they’d hike to great heights. Since then, Nick has had a great love for the mountains. 

Though the skiing hills might not be the same in the Midwest as they are in say, Vermont, the Midwest is where Nick caught the bug for the sport. One of his best spring break memories is heading to Whistler with a buddy to ski. 

A lot of novice skiers forget the fact that your skin can take a huge hit while skiing. There’s a lot of exposure that comes with the activity, and the use of sunscreen is imperative. That’s where Protekt’s Zinc Oxide Sunscreen comes in. Because it’s made with zinc oxide, this stuff is good for the environment and great for your skin. 

That’s how you take care of your external self while skiing. Internally, Nick sings the praises of all-natural performance supplements that he takes to boost his skiing game such as Organic Lion’s Mane and a Vitamin Tincture. The best news is that these two things won’t only up your skiing game, they’ll amp up your life in general. 

Check out the rest of the interview here. 

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