The Roots of Protekt Brand


We are a team of veterans and athletes with a deep connection to the outdoors. We live from exposure and are deeply committed to being present for all this life has to offer. Protekt was born from a commitment to each other. We love each other, support each other, and make business decisions that yield products that can make a positive impact on people. People come first and Protekt is dedicated to giving people the tools to flourish in life.


Mark Healey is a man with a plan for everything he does, whether it be surfing, spearfishing, or bow-hunting. It’s why we made our clean-burning Energy Liquid Supplement his signature product. Mark is stoic and takes life one day at a time - we are big fans of his outlook, lifestyle, and discipline to the basics, and are proud to call him a partner. 


A Navy SEAL veteran, Nick is committed to improving the mental, physical and spiritual wellness of active Navy SEALS, vets, and anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves--himself included. Watch this video about why the Protekt team came together, and what Nick, Tim and Mark hope to accomplish.


Tim met Nick when they were paired up on the first day at the US Naval Academy. They were roommates then and again on active duty. After working in sales and marketing at several large corporations and moving around the country, Tim reconnected with Nick, and the two conceptualized a brand based on their passions. After pitching their mutual friend Mark Healey on the idea, Protekt was born.