Everything your body needs from slope to sleep

Supplements designed by world-class athletes to maximize your hydration, rest, energy, and immunity.


We are a team of veterans and athletes who set out to create simple solutions to elevate overall wellness and performance. Our product use natural, clean ingredients that are responsibly sourced to guarantee the highest quality and efficacy possible.

Developed from years of experience competing and performing at the highest level and collaborating with experts in each field, Protekt will enhance your daily life. Whether you're looking to begin your wellness journey or already pushing the boundaries of human performance, our products will help you achieve the next level.

Rapid Absorption Liquids for Optimal Performance

Make Your Water Work Harder

Proper hydration can solve a host of problems... We want to make drinking more water easy and every drink of it more effective. With great tasting flavors and Navy SEAL formulated ingredient blends, Protekt will make every drink of water work harder.

Wholesale Copy of HYDRATION FORMULA Protekt Products


Available in 3 Flavors

ENERGY FORMULA Protekt Products


Available in 4 Flavors

REST FORMULA Protekt Products


Available in 2 Flavors


Available in 2 Flavors

Proprietary Blends for Optimal Performance

Rooted in Simplicity

Our family of performance supplements have been specifically designed to optimize your mental and physical output, recovery, immune health, and digestion.

SPF50 Lotion Organic Moisturizer 3 oz. Protekt Products

Non-nano zinc oxide formula

Sun Protection

All of our sun protection products are gentle and help to moisturize the skin while avoiding the rashes, irritation and stinging eyes caused by other sunscreens. Protekt products are environmentally friendly and free of chemicals that can harm coral reefs and marine life.

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Mark Healey

"Protekt is hands down the best battery of
wellness solutions for my lifestyle. Between
early mornings, dad duties, business, and
heavy stunt/outdoor work, it can all ber a littler
overwhelming at times. Staying hydrated,
getting solid rest, and having some extra
caffeine for those tough days allows me to get
it all done and still have the energy to be a
good father."


Ben Greenfield

"Protekt Products makes the best-tasting
electrolyte formula I've ever had. They are a
wellness company that is truly committed to
positively impacting customer health, and I
make sure to incorporate their electrolytes
frequently into my routine as a supremely
tasty way to keep all my minerals topped off."


Trevor Thompson

"Protekt produces badass, simple, thoughtful,
and useful supplements and sunscreens that
WORK forr me. 3-5 times a week I'll hop on a
bike, or a versaclimber for an hour plus and
during hunting and guiding seasons i'll walk
4-8 miles a day, and for me I can stay ahead
of the effort with the hydration packets and
the B6/Vitamin D dropper!"


Hard workouts previously had me feeling a little lightheaded. I started using protekt and now I'm feeling energized and clear-headed throughout the workout. After the workout, I feel much less pain in my joints. I highly recommend this product to all athletes!


Great hydration product. The flavor is very strong - not too strong, but very flavorful. I also like the fact that it's clear so there's not fake coloring. You'll like it.


I use these to take with us when my wife and I go on bike trips, they taste great, dont upset our stomachs or have any weird effects.
Overall these are great little hydration mixers, we are happy with them as a brand and want to try the other flavors.


Not overpowering, not too light, but enough that gives my water a great flavor and is enjoyable during my workouts.  Would definitely recommend this product!


I’ve used various electrolyte powders and drinks, all were okay, but this one is hands-down the best I’ve had. Instead of powder it’s a liquid so it mixes instantly with water. Also has excellent amounts of the ingredients that make electrolytes actually help the body. I’ll definitely Re-order.


Hey great products , I know professional surfers and athlets that use this product and they feel the difference after being 6-8 hrs in the ocean everyday you need to be hydrated and this does it.


If you have any questions about our product, how it has been tested or how well it works, drop us a line and we’ll give you all the details.