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Zinc Oxide Keeps Your Skin ‘Protekted’

Zinc Oxide Keeps Your Skin ‘Protekted’

Protekt’s awesome sunscreen made the list of the best products to keep your skin safe from the sun. The writer of this list, Lily Krass, is quick to mention that she’s usually partial to chemical sunscreen because she doesn’t like the thick nature of zinc oxide sunscreen. But Protekt has forced her to change her tune because it’s the “least mineral-feeling zinc sunscreen” that she’s ever tried. 

By that, she means that our sunscreen goes on feeling like lotion and leaves your face feeling moisturized and clean instead of being applied like a thick paste, cakey and heavy. Even with the writer’s sensitive skin, she hasn’t noticed any ill effects from our organic sunscreen

This article also lauds the water-resistance of our products. Krass mentions that, even on long hikes and bike rides, she hasn’t had to worry about reapplying due to sweating the sunscreen off. (To be safe, it’s always good to reapply every few hours though!) Another great product to use on a hot day spent in the sun is our zinc oxide lip balm, especially when paired with sunscreen. 

Krass also mentions that our organic sunscreen, being a mineral sunscreen, is better at blocking out UV rays than any chemical sunscreen out there. Her dermatologist, and dermatologists everywhere, push their clients to switch to zinc oxide sunscreen instead of inundating their skin with harmful chemicals. Protekt just might have brought someone new over to the good side. 

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