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The C4 Foundation: Making a Difference in the Lives of Our Elite Warriors

The C4 Foundation: Making a Difference in the Lives of Our Elite Warriors

It’s the season to be thankful, a time to reflect on the things we’re grateful for, and to look for ways to give back. It’s the perfect time to highlight an organization we’ve partnered with to help support Navy SEALs and their families. We’re grateful for the sacrifices made by these brave individuals who put their lives on the line to keep our country safe and protect our freedoms. It’s something that we’ll never take for granted.

The C4 Foundation is dedicated to the legacy of Charles Keating IV, a Navy SEAL who gave his life in the line of duty, fighting for freedom in Iraq. “Chuck Heavy”, or “C4” as he was known to friends, was deeply rooted in his community and lived a life that inspired many to excellence. After Chuck’s passing, his family launched the C4 Foundation as a way to honor his memory while providing critical resources to Navy SEALs as they navigate the transition into and out of active duty.

Even Heroes Can Hurt

Being a US Navy SEAL is a distinguished honor that few will ever know. On the other hand, it immerses people into an environment of sustained combat, training, and other harrowing experiences. It is common for active duty service members to carry lasting physical and emotional trauma, and being apart from loved ones during these times can add even more stress. This baggage is carried by those who serve, but also by their spouses and family members. Without knowing how to help or be prepared for these problems, it’s often difficult for family members to effectively support their loved one. It’s an unfortunate fact that suicide and divorce rates are increasing among the Navy SEAL community.

Coming to the Aid of Soldiers in Need

Recognizing the lack of resources available to Navy SEALs and their families, the C4 Foundation has stepped in to provide science-based counseling programs which help to build and strengthen meaningful relationships. Fostering connections between SEAL families, C4 fosters a web of support for all members. These interconnected families can fill gaps and take up the slack during times of deployment for active-duty service members. 

The C4 Foundation also maintains a ranch in Mesa Grande, California, that serves as a sanctuary for SEALs and their families. With outdoor camping, animals, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and endless scenery, it’s a great place to retreat, relax, and reconnect.

Interestingly, at the center of C4’s programs is the concept of gratitude. By learning how to appreciate the people around them and the life they get to experience every day, SEALs can recover from their trauma and awaken to a new life full of love and possibilities.

Supporting the Cause this Season

Protekt has pledged to donate 10% of our sales this holiday season to the C4 Foundation. With two Navy SEALs counted among our founders, we know the trials faced by these brave men and women all too well. We are proud to be able to give back to the community that has shown us so much love and support in launching this brand.

If you know anyone on your gift list that could use our eco friendly sunscreens or performance supplements, we know a lot of people that would love your support! 

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