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Triathlete Puts Protekt on List of Best Sunscreen for Athletes

There’s a lot to be said about Protekt’s sunscreen, and Triathlete can agree on that. Triathlete is a website based around health, nutrition, and the wellbeing of athletes everywhere. They compiled a list of some of the best-rated sunscreens out there right now - sunscreens geared specifically towards athletes - and Protekt sunscreen made the list. 

Triathlete made sure to accentuate some of Protekt’s fine features - such as the fact that we’re veteran-owned and uphold all of our environmentally friendly standards. They made sure to highlight that we sell organic sunscreen that is actually reef safe sunscreen, unlike other products out there that boast as much but don’t offer the follow-through.

They mention that it blends well into the skin, and that it isn’t chalky or white upon application. Triathlete also mentions that our eco friendly sunscreen holds a good middle ground between quality ingredients and wearability. 

Check out their website and read through the entire list by clicking the link below.

Check Out the List

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