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Protekt Sunscreen Sticks Recommended by Gear Junkie

Gear Junkie, a website focused on making the best of an active lifestyle, recently published a list of up-and-coming products for athletes. On the top of that list was Protekt’s organic sunscreen stick - both the clear and tinted versions

On the list, our product is praised for being exactly what it is - non-nano zinc oxide, eco-friendly sunscreen. It’s reef-safe and rated to 30 SPF - so whether you’re on the hiking trails or surfing the waves, the organic sunscreen will be kind to both your skin and the surrounding environment. 

The sunscreen profile also mentions that the effects last for up to 80 minutes - so there’s no need to worry about when to reapply, or doing it too often. 

Another great aspect of the sunscreen stick is that it doesn’t only protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it also moisturizes as it goes with ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, and aloe.

To check out the list yourself, click the link below.

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