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Empathy For Yourself and Others

Nick Norris was a guest on the podcast ‘Conscious Millionaire,’ where he spoke about the importance of sleep when it comes to getting your brain back to an optimal place - and the importance of sleep in general. Along with sleep, he also touched on vulnerability and empathy - two integral, human qualities that have enhanced his life. 

Nick places weight on connecting with people, and this trait is what makes him such a good leader. People like feeling important and knowing that their presence is significant, and if someone you look to for direction doesn’t make you feel that way, it doesn’t make you want to do a very good job. Nick understands this, which is why he focuses so heavily on human connection. 

Specifically, his experience with this type of connection comes from his time in the military. By forming such deep and long-lasting bonds with fellow soldiers, he was able to achieve amazing things that he might not have been able to do on his own. 

Nick mentions that when you trust someone, you empower them. Empowered people reach so much higher because they feel seen and appreciated, and this is what everyone needs in life. 

Something Nick has been doing recently is reaching out to a single person and checking in with them - this individual connection is often overlooked, but is one of the most important aspects of human existence. 

In order to be there for someone else, though, you yourself have to be at full capacity. Everyone has heard the analogy of putting your own gas mask on before helping your seat partner, and that same concept holds true in this situation. Nick makes sure he’s at 100% by always getting enough sleep. Falling asleep quickly and sleeping deeply throughout the night will make the next day look worlds different than how it would after a night of tossing and turning. 

How he encourages good sleep is through natural sleep aids, such as Protekt’s Vitamin B12 Tincture. This sleep aid supplement primes your body for good sleep and helps you confront the following day head-on. When you’re ready to take on the world, you can act as a life raft for those around you who might need a little extra empathy. 

Listen to the rest of the podcast by clicking on the link below.


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