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Finding Gravitas and Finding Perspective

This podcast, brought to you by Gravitas Detroit, aired around the time that COVID-19 was just beginning to hit the United States. Many of us were unsure of how the future would look and it was a challenge to find balance in the littlest of things - no less our everyday routine. Everyone’s lives looked suddenly different, and it was hard to handle. 

So, when Nick Norris was a guest on this podcast, he brought with him a sense of stability to share with listeners. He outlined everything from his morning routine to his struggles while training to be a NAVY SEAL. 

This conversation helped the audience feel more at ease with life’s newfound upheaval. Nick got real with listeners and let them know that they are far from alone with feeling lost in the early days of COVID. He also shed some light on a few Protekt products that give his days a boost. 

Nick listed the performance supplements that he himself takes, and he also discussed how important performance supplements are in general. For his own life, he takes Organic Lion’s Mane and a B12 supplement, both of which help support everything that he does. Both of those supplements, since they support him throughout the day, also prime him for a better sleep cycle during the night. 

Hydration is also a key component of wellness. Nick said, “I'm a firm believer that sleep and hydration are [...] the core pillars of any kind of successful, healthy life.”

Though this podcast aired in March, it’s full of information that is still useful today. Give it a listen to see what kind of balance you can add to your own life.


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