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Protekt’s Laura Zerra featured on Coffee or Die

Protekt’s Laura Zerra featured on Coffee or Die

Not everyone is a survivalist like Laura Zerra. We just have to come to terms with the fact that a good portion of us, unlike her, would probably not survive the apocalypse. 

Something else that Laura loves, besides testing her limits and pushing the boundaries of what her body can take in the wild, is coffee. She takes it black - and she’s even sipped espresso at the very top of a mountain at sunrise before. 

It’s not quite a relatable experience, but it sure is picturesque.

Energy Another Way

The reason that coffee wakes Laura up in the mornings and gets her ready for whatever adventure she might have planned for the day is because of its caffeine content. But what about the times when you need that boost, but you don’t have the means to make a cup of joe? 

If you’re out surfing, it’s not likely that you’ll bring your French press along. Even Laura, who is a practiced survivalist, already carries enough in her packs. Coffee and what it takes to make it are just more supplies that will weigh you down. 

But it’s not like you can forgo that precious energy. If you need something that you can bring anywhere, that’s when you can look towards performance supplements

Liquid Boost

Our liquid energy supplement is the perfect amount of fuel that your body needs when you’re not in the position to make coffee. The supplements are made with organic caffeine, meaning that they give you the same zip that coffee does without all the hassle of making it. These natural supplements for energy are perfect for those with rugged lifestyles - or the not-so-rugged. Maybe you’re just busy. They’re great for you, too! 

Measuring Success

Laura says that, “Success is measured by the quality of your life and your happiness. That’s not to say it’s always rainbows and butterflies, but overall, do you enjoy your life? Do you enjoy waking up in the morning? Do you look forward to what you’re doing? Are you able to sit in a moment and enjoy that moment for what it is, rather than wanting something more? If you can be in that moment and find that peace, that is success.” 

We here at Protekt want you to find that kind of success.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Protekt products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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