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Nick Norris talks Spirituality on Ten Laws Podcast

 “I can’t fight forever against something that doesn’t have to give up.” 

Nick Norris sat down with East Forest on the Ten Laws Podcast to talk about many of his life experiences - but that specific quote came from a time where he almost lost his life in the ocean. He was literally fighting to survive against an unstoppable force, and it really put the rest of his existence into perspective. 

Facing his mortality that day in the water gave Nick one of the greatest gifts he’d ever been given - it showed him what’s really important in this life. For him, the only thing that mattered in that moment was the loving relationship he had with his children. They were the only thing on his mind. Not how much money he had, how big his house was, nor his social reputation. He was only thinking about the pure love that he had for his kids. 

That truth, that love, has now resurfaced repeatedly as he’s had the honor of exploring plant medicines. Plant medicine takes him back to that place of pure consciousness where the only thing that exists and matters is love. 

This is a huge part of the reason why Protekt uses only natural ingredients in our performance supplements. Everything comes from the earth and brings you to center, allowing the same feeling of grounding that Nick feels when interacting with plant medicines as the foundation of Protekt products. 

One of our most powerful and useful products is the vitamin B12 tincture, Resilient. The word resilient fits Nick during his struggle in the ocean - and others who have experienced similar frightening circumstances and been able to come out on the other side. 

Resiliency doesn’t only have to show up in dire straits, though. This vitamin tincture combines vitamin B12, vitamin K2, and vitamin D3 to boost energy, elevate mood, and prime your body for great sleep - and great sleep means better healing and optimal health. Resiliency can be just as present in your everyday life as it would be in a life-threatening situation. 

Whether you’re testing your limits or simply testing your knowledge, resilience is key. 


Listen to the entire podcast here to learn more.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Protekt products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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