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Mark Healey Comes Out On Top in 2021 Wave of the Winter!

 This year, the Wave of the Winter competition was closer than ever. Hundreds of surfers entered, hoping to win the $25,000 prize and take on the challenging stretch of coast along the Outer Reef. Of course, there can only be one winner - and this year, that winner was our very own Mark Healey. 

Not only is he the winner of this year’s WotW contest, he’s also one of the co-founders of Protekt. We’re proud to call him part of our team; it’s official, we have a champion in our midst! 

Though it may have looked easy for Mark in the video footage, this year’s win was anything but a piece of cake. 

“I was out there for two hours that day, and I could not buy a wave. I was about to paddle in. It was not my day and I wasn’t going to force it. But then this peak popped up, and it looked like it had a pretty long wall on it. I was a little far out and I was really scooted up on my board as I paddled in. Then when I got to the bottom, I definitely felt I was too far up on my board. As I came up, I felt whitewater hit my head. I barely made it there. Then, it bubbled open and I was able to scoot my feet back on my board in the barrel. I felt an immediate pickup in speed from that.”

In order to snag the wave (and, in turn, snag the win) Mark found an extra reserve of energy and perseverance within himself to keep going - to give it one more try, one more push. Because of that bit of oomph, he was able to win the entire contest.

Something else that can provide that extra boost that you need - whether you’re surfing like Mark, hiking, climbing, running, or simply trying to get through the work day - are performance supplements

Protekt offers a wide variety of performance supplements that can aid your body in tons of different areas, and in many different facets of life. If you need immune support, we’ve got you covered with Clarity, our organic lion’s mane supplement. If you’re looking for a little backup when it comes to nervous system/circulatory health, look no further than Resilient, which is a great blend of vitamin B12, D3, and K2. And Primer? Well, that gives you all the benefits that come from BCAAs without slowing down your progress. 

In Mark’s case, it looks like he was able to benefit from Resilient - and even if you aren’t the winner of the Wave of the Winter contest (at least, not this year) you can, too. 

Check out the short film of all the WotW contestants here, and read more about Mark’s reaction to his win in this article

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