How Working Out With Friends Can Help You Push Yourself


We’re human. It’s in our DNA to constantly want to better ourselves. No matter what we’re doing, there’s that drive to improve, refine, and resist the plateau. 

Working out is no different. It’s not always easy to stay on that upward trend, though. Our bodies crave the absence of pain, and you find that comfort once you start to stagnate. You have to know how to lean away from that. And how do you push yourself when working out? The answer is simple, really. Find your people.

How to Push Yourself When Working Out

Partner Cardio

There’s plenty of things you can do to stay on top of your game. Protekt co-founder Nick Norris likes to surround himself with people that are better than him. There’s no better motivator than seeing someone do what you’re not able to do yet. As a climber, he surrounds himself with more experienced and higher-level climbers, and because of that he’s seen exponential gains. 

“When I surround myself with people who are better than I am, it gets me fired up to be better. I don't want to be the weakest one in the group, or the one who’s not accomplishing goals. When you’re surrounded by experienced people, you rise to the occasion. You're constantly trying to push yourself to catch up to the rest.” 

It’s not just about the competition aspect, either. It’s about learning from people who are further along in their fitness journey than you are. 

“You also get to see what other people are doing, and you get to watch them grow and succeed. You get to watch them achieve what seems impossible, and your brain will start to reconcile with the fact that it is actually possible. It changes the way that you mentally approach growth. When you see the impossible become possible, it gives you something aspirational and realistic to work toward.”

Tips for Beginners

Push Yourself, Together.

If you’re just starting out in the fitness world and wondering how to push yourself when working out, you’re not alone. But here’s the thing - you don’t have to be a pro to have a support system. How to create a fitness plan depends on what works for you and where you’re at.

“It doesn't really matter if you're just starting out. You should still find people not only to push you, but to hold you accountable. It’s a big deal. If you're struggling with self-discipline and personal accountability, the best thing you can do is bring somebody else into the mix. That way, you made a commitment to somebody; this will help serve as a driver for progress. I urge people to find community.”

There’s also perks to finding that community in someone who’s a step or two behind you skillswise. By teaching techniques to others, you come to understand them better yourself. 


How you stick to working out every day doesn’t just depend on training your body, it depends on training your brain, too. Motivation is key to actually wanting to get back out there. That’s why you need that support system; sometimes, they’re there to act as your cheerleader, sometimes your partner.

“If you're having a bad day, it's easy to get down on yourself. But when you're doing something with somebody else, you might be watching them struggle too. Then, you realize that you’re not alone. This motivates you and lets you see things with a better perspective. There’s a big mental component to having somebody else alongside you.”

You and your workout buddy might find the groove right away on how to stay committed to working out, or it might take a little longer. But what matters most is that you’re finding it together, creating that camaraderie, and holding each other accountable. 

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