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Meditation and Lion’s Mane - The Best for Mind and Body

The Veteran’s Path podcast is aptly named, a place where veterans can find “peace, acceptance, transformation, and honor through practical tools like meditation and mindfulness, physical and outdoor experiences, and a community of camaraderie.” Podcasts like this are seemingly made for Veteran Nick Norris, Protekt’s founder and proponent of mental and physical health. 

Nick himself was exposed to a blast while serving, meaning that his eyes are now extra-sensitive. In order to help with myelin growth and regeneration inside the eye, he worked to develop Protekt’s first supplement - organic lion’s mane. He also is, unfortunately, a prime candidate for Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia because of the harmful chemicals he’s been exposed to, and performance supplements like lion’s mane can help stave off some of those negative effects.

Along with physical health, Nick is also a big proponent of mental health - namely through the practice of meditation. A clear mind is one of the greatest assets in any situation - keeping calm throughout chaos whether you’re in the midst of battle or simply in the middle of a hectic morning at home can make for a much better outcome than if you give in to the mayhem. He believes that meditation makes you a better version of yourself, and that everyone should give it a go. 

Find out more about Nick’s experiences in the military and his thoughts on wellness by listening to the Veteran’s Path podcast in full. 


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