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Communication, Trust, and Sleep

The Cleared Hot podcast, hosted by Andy Stumpf, is a show that focuses on the ins and outs of human behavior and what makes people tick. Andy is a veteran, just like Protekt founder Nick Norris, and the two of them talked about their experiences while serving and what hardships they have endured upon returning to ‘normal life’ back home. 

A lot of the struggles are based around feeling alone when it comes to mental distress. Nick talked about feeling like an island until he finally decided to take the plunge and reach out to people in the military who he really admired. By relating his experience to theirs and learning that he was far from alone in feeling the way that he did, it put his mind more at ease. 

Nick discussed the importance of communication within your circle, and also those whose place in the world that you aspire to. Understand that many of us have the same struggles - and, by voicing those struggles, you eliminate that feeling of loneliness and helplessness when it comes to mental health. 

The two things that keep Nick afloat are sleep and hydration. Getting a good night’s rest was difficult after returning home, and the fact that it was hard for him let him know that he probably wasn’t the only one. He suffers from blast and tinnitus, which can make relaxing difficult. Meditation helps (day or night) and Organic Lion’s Mane also does the trick. It’s a natural sleep aid that helps Nick himself fall asleep at night and stay asleep longer, adequately preparing him for the day to follow. Protekt also offers a myriad of other performance supplements that aid Nick throughout his day-to-day life, too. 

You can hear more of Nick and Andy’s stories from the military and how they take on the everyday by checking out the full podcast below.


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