Optimizing Your Electrolyte Balance


Electrolytes. Many of us have heard the word used repeatedly when it comes to physical fitness and keeping the body balanced. But the question is… what are electrolytes, and what do electrolytes do? 

Electrolytes and water are both integral when it comes to muscle function. At their base, electrolytes are electrically charged minerals and compounds that aid in hydration and help your body get to work. Some common examples of electrolytes that you might be familiar with are sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium and calcium.

We get electrolytes in our system when we eat and drink. When it comes to the functions that can be attributed to electrolytes, the list is long.

  • Electrolytes regulate fluid in your blood plasma and entire body.
  • They regulate the pH level of your blood.
  • They enable muscle contractions (this includes your heartbeat!).
  • They transmit nerve signals from the heart, muscles, and nerve cells to other cells.
  • They assist with clotting blood.
  • They help to build new tissue.

When you sweat, the most notable electrolyte that you’re losing is sodium. Sodium helps the body retain fluids, and losing sodium means that your body can’t retain enough to stay hydrated. This causes dehydration, which can be showcased with symptoms like excessive thirst, headaches, and nausea. Optimized electrolyte supplements can help in this department.

Protekt co-founder Tim Duba notes, “I've noticed my post-run headaches have completely gone away since I started supplementing electrolytes instead of just water.” 

Being overly-hydrated is also possible, and it flushes sodium and other electrolytes from your system. This tends to happen when someone drinks too much water, thinking they’re heading in the right direction, and ends up flooding their system with H2O and nothing else. The water actually starts to dilute your bloodstream.

Especially when you’re working out, electrolyte levels should always be monitored and controlled - and this can be done easily through our performance supplements

Staying hydrated through fluid intake should always be paired with optimized electrolyte supplement consumption. The two go hand-in-hand, and should exist in the same realm as one another, acting as partners instead of standing alone. 

Our new Hydration Liquid Supplement packs are the perfect way to get a balance of Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium into your system, with natural, sugar-free formulas that mix instantly with water to create a take-anywhere solution for every activity. 


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