Protekt’s Reef Safe Sunscreen Recognized by Gear Junkie

Protekt’s Reef Safe Sunscreen Recognized by Gear Junkie

Given that we’re in the heat of summer, more people than ever are in the market for the perfect sunscreen right now. And just in time, Protekt’s organic sunscreen got highlighted in Gear Junkie magazine as one of the best choices for reef safe sunscreen out there. 

What many people love about our eco-friendly sunscreen goes beyond the fact that it’s good for your skin (we’ll get into that in a minute), but that it’s perfectly safe for the oceans and the environment as a whole. This makes it a popular choice with surfers, swimmers, and general beach enthusiasts alike. 

The reason our sunscreen qualifies as safe for your skin (and your entire system) is because it contains absolutely no parabens or chemicals. The Gear Junkie article makes sure to mention this, too, which is great! We want our audiences to know just what’s in our eco-friendly sunscreen that makes it safe to use - so you know what to look out for with other sunscreens that aren’t so safe. 

Sunscreen Stick

What’s In The Other Sunscreens?

When it comes to all the dangerous chemicals that you can find in many sunscreens on the shelves right now, it might be quicker for us to list what isn’t in them. The slew of harmful chemicals might surprise you - a lot of people don’t know how dangerous it is to smear that stuff on your skin. And they’ve been doing it their whole lives!

Common chemicals found in many sunscreens are: Benzene (a known carcinogen that’s linked to blood cancer), and parabens (which have the potential to harm hormones within the body* in order to lengthen a product’s shelf life. They also increase the risk of cancer* and can cause nasty skin irritations). 

The reason that these chemicals are so detrimental when used in sunscreen is because the types of sunscreen that they’re included in is absorbed by the skin. Unlike Protekt’s organic sunscreen, which qualifies as a physical sunscreen and sits on the surface of the skin to reflect light, chemical sunscreens often find their way into a user’s bloodstream. 

Protekt’s Reef Safe Sunscreen

Luckily, we’ve perfected the art of keeping your body safe and the earth safe with a variety of products, including: zinc oxide lip balm, our zinc sunscreen stick, our tinted mineral sunscreen, and our organic moisturizer with SPF

Check out the Gear Junkie article here to learn more about safe sunscreen. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Protekt products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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