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Podcast ‘The Protectors’ Shines a Light on Protekt’s Performance Supplements

Earlier this summer, Protekt co-founder Nick Norris was a guest on podcast ‘The Protectors.’ ‘The Protectors’ is hosted by Tim Piccolo, whose goal is to shine a light on the everyday heroes - and, being a veteran of the Navy SEALs, Nick falls into that category. But he wasn’t on the podcast only because of his veteran status; he also used his guest spot to highlight Protekt products - namely our performance supplements. 

He lists two examples - the Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Complex and Resilient Tincture with Vitamin B12, but there’s plenty more where those came from. 

Nick discusses the fact that he’s used performance supplements for as long as he can remember, and they’ve been only beneficial for him. He wants to share this mindset with the general public - whether you classify yourself as an athlete or not. 

Nick is a huge stickler on two things - water and sleep. They may seem like two simple components of human existence, but more people than you may think fail to do them correctly. Nick tells Tim Piccolo how he wants to aid others in these two areas with supplements. He talks about supplements that make drinking water more appealing, and supplements that help improve the quality of sleep that you experience every night. He’s a huge proponent of the fact that these two seemingly small details of life have the potential to make or break someone’s day-to-day existence, let alone athletic performance.

And there’s a lot more where that came from! To listen to the full podcast, click the link below.


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