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Inside Outdoor’s Rundown of Protekt

Inside Outdoor is both a digital and physical magazine that creates buzz around outdoor retailers, and they’ve gone and done just that for Protekt. This article doesn’t just focus on one of the products we offer, but many of them - and it also sings the praises of Protekt’s CEOs. Not too shabby!

The magazine makes sure to highlight the fact that Protekt arms people “with the tools they need to optimize health and get outside.” With optimize being the key word. We’re always trying to make things better, do things better, and just be better all-around. And in turn, the products we sell reflect that mindset. 

Inside Outdoor shines a light on Clarity, the lion’s mane mushroom complex, and Resilient, the vitamin B12/D3/K2 tincture. But their main focus with this article was on our mineral sunscreen

The reason that reef safe, eco friendly sunscreen is so important to Protekt’s founders is because Mark Healey, one of the cofounders, is a man of the water. Nick Norris and Tim Duba, the other two founders of Protekt, met big wave surfer, free-diver and filmmaker Healey while on a trip to Hawaii - and after the three found a way to make mineral sunscreen that’s safe for the environment, Healey agreed to be a partner. The rest is history. 

Click the link to read and dive deeper into Protekt’s founders’ backstories.

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