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Why Wear Sunscreen in the Winter?

Sunscreen is usually associated with summertime. When that unique smell of sunscreen hits your nostrils, most people’s first thought is a sandy beach with crashing waves. But the truth of the matter is that sunscreen is important year-round - especially if you’re one of the many active people that spends a lot of time outside.

Women’s Running magazine created a list of articles to wear and important products to use when going on winter runs. Sunscreen made the list - more importantly, it was specifically Protekt’s sunscreen that made said list! 

Whether the temperature is above or below freezing, sunscreen is beyond necessary. Not only is the sun shining down on you from above, it’s also reflecting off the snow in a manner that can sometimes be blinding. Not only is this potentially harmful for your eyes, it can also be dangerous for your skin. Because of this, eco-friendly sunscreen is a must. Luckily, Protekt offers the best eco-friendly sunscreen around.

Our Mineral Sunscreen Stick offers hours of non-greasy protection. It’s also water resistant, which means that there’s no chance of you sweating it off during those first couple blocks. And, while it does the work of protecting your skin from UV rays, it moisturizes too.  

If you’re someone that runs year-round, don’t skip the sunscreen. More specifically, don’t skip Protekt’s sunstick - it’s the best around.

Read the rest of the winter running list here



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