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Avoid Crashing from Energy Supplements

The main downside to energy supplements for many people is the crash that comes after they wear off. Because while the ‘high’ is great (we don’t mean a literal high - just an energy high), the come-down is awful and sometimes, not even worth the benefits. But that’s never the case with Protekt supplements. 

Our performance supplements don’t come with a crash - for one reason: Our ingredients. The reason why so many popular performance supplements come with a hefty crash is because of their high sugar content, and that’s exactly what ours don’t have. 

But the energy has to come from somewhere. Our natural energy supplements rely heavily on caffeine, but a specific kind of caffeine. We wanted to avoid spiking the user’s heart rate before sending them tumbling down, only for them to need another boost two hours later. That’s why we choose to use the green coffee bean as our source of organic caffeine. This is a slow burn type of energy that lasts and doesn’t send you spiraling once it fades. 

With our new Liquid Supplements, our goal is to substitute your coffee and energy drinks with water. If you take anything away from our mission at Protekt, anything at all, it’s that everyone in the world should be drinking more water. 

But the problem is that not a lot of people actually enjoy drinking water. It’s flavorless and boring, and the act is easy to forget about because of how tedious it is. That’s what the Liquid Supplements are here to change. To substitute coffee in the way of energy, we’re talking about our liquid energy supplement - ENERGY.

You still get caffeine in the ENERGY supplement, but you’re getting it with a big dose of hydration. Instead of the high sugar and lactose content that most people add into their coffee, ENERGY is used as a water enhancer. It livens up the taste of your water (in tasty flavors that include Orange, Mixed Berry, Pineapple Coconut, Grape, and Black Cherry) while waking up your digestive system and your brain as well, starting you off right for a clear-headed day. 

Drinking water also helps with muscle elasticity and quality of sleep. And if you’re getting good sleep, your immune system will inevitably become stronger. That’s never a bad thing!

It is now possible to get a full-flavored energy infusion while also enjoying all the benefits of optimal hydration. Give ENERGY a try today!  

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