Maintaining Your Motivation

Maintaining Your Motivation

It’s not always easy to keep up motivation, but it’s been especially difficult over the last year. Between a worldwide pandemic and many adjusting to working remotely, ‘regular life’ looks a lot different than it did just a year ago. 

But just because life looks different doesn’t mean that it can come to a stop. We still need to nourish our bodies, exercise them, and take care of both our physical and mental health. Letting bodily care fall to the wayside will only bring on negative effects - and if there’s anything we need less of, it’s negativity. 

The key to staying motivated, according to Protekt founder Nick Norris, is based on structure. This year, there’s been a significant lack of structure being that people aren’t getting up, exercising, and heading off to work. Instead, they’re getting up and walking a couple feet across the room to open their laptop. But an everyday regimen is needed to maintain motivation, even if you need to force it at first. 

For humans to want to keep going, we have to feel like we’re accomplishing something. In order to do this, it’s important to set small, digestible goals for your journey. Instead of creating one, giant end goal that will take a long time to reach, set a number of smaller goals that you can tick off as you go. This, partnered with a predictable, structured routine, will amp up your motivation because you’ll be able to see the progress as you forge ahead. If you set one big goal and find yourself never reaching it, you won’t feel any closer to it with each workout. There’s no reassurance, no pat on the back, and it might be crushing. It’ll start to feel impossible, and then you may begin to adopt a defeatist mindset. And once sets in, it’s hard for motivation to break through. 

By creating structure, you’re automatically setting yourself up for goals that are more realistically attainable to set yourself up for success. And with success comes that dopamine hit, which makes you feel better about yourself and also makes you want to continue on the upward trend. That dopamine turns a negative mindset into a positive one, and there always ends up being better results if you go into something while thinking positively - no matter what the task may be. 

Performance Supplements

A big aspect of achieving good, worthwhile workouts is staying hydrated and getting good sleep. Sleep and hydration are the two big players when it comes to well-rounded bodily health, and performance supplements can assist in making that happen. 

Organic Lion’s Mane has immune system boosting properties, along with being a natural sleep aid. It has the ability to help you get more restful sleep for longer periods of time*. If you get good sleep at night, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day - both the active portion and the 9-5 portion. If you’re hydrated and well-rested, your body will be at its peak level of potential and you’ll be able to put that discipline of routine into action. It’s much easier to maintain discipline when you feel good.

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