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Giving the Gift of Vulnerability

Giving the Gift of Vulnerability

As a guest on Josh Bridges’ podcast, Checkin’ In, Protekt founder Nick Norris discussed the difficulty of struggling with mental health as both a man and a veteran - in a world that wants men to be tough 100% of the time. 

Nick and Josh both agree that there are times when ‘manning up’ is necessary. When it comes to taking care of your family, choosing the high road, or pushing to be your best self, ‘manning up’ is a great thing. But ‘manning up’ should never pertain to burying emotions. 

After returning from the military, Nick said that reaching out to fellow team members gave him the gift of vulnerability. There were a few instances in which he had no choice but to talk about the situation he was in - the situation that they were all in. Once they started talking and stopped treating emotions and vulnerability like taboo topics, mental balance and wellness came so much easier. 

After leaving the SEAL teams, Nick mentions that he felt a huge loss of connection, and that propelled his downward spiral. In order to regain that connection, he had to go back to the source regarding his bonds with teammates and brothers. By recreating relationships with these guys (albeit ones that might look a little different then before) he was able to find that sense of brotherhood again. 

Much like connection is the foundational force of Nick’s life, he mentions that vitamin B12 and D3 are the foundational vitamins, offered via Protekt in a vitamin B12 tincture/vitamin D3 tincture called Resilient. These vitamins act as a natural sleep aid, and also help the central nervous system and circulatory systems. 

When it comes to mental and physical health, Nick Norris is a huge proponent of them both. Listen to the rest of the podcast below.


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