How to Stick to Working Out Every Day

How to Stick to Working Out Every Day

How to stick to exercising every day… that is the million dollar question. Tons of people have spent their lives trying to find the answer when, in reality, it’s pretty simple. It’s all about feeling accomplished.

Nick Norris, co-founder of Protekt, says this: “Our message is based on finding something simple that you can commit to, so you can experience the feeling of accomplishment, and feel like you did something. Find something simple that really ignites motivation within you.” That is the key to knowing how to create a fitness plan.

It starts with creating a routine. You might not enjoy the routine at first, but that’s okay. Your mind will get used to it and soon, it will turn into a habit. And it can start with the small stuff, something as small as making your bed. Even though making your bed doesn’t count as exercise (for most), it still is a healthy and beneficial routine that will set the rest of your day on the right track. That’s how exercise can work, too. 

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“By starting your day making your bed, you've done what 99% of the world hasn't done, and you've achieved something within the first seconds of waking up. I know it sounds dumb, but it organizes your brain, and it puts you on a path of being productive.”

Whether or not you make your bed isn’t the point. It’s about the fact that you accomplished something the moment you started your day. It could be anything, whether you make a promise to yourself to get up earlier, drink more water, or start mobility training first thing in the morning. As long as you’re consistent, that feeling of accomplishment will become emphasized in every action that follows for the rest of the day. 

Losing your sense of purpose is like losing your will to live, and that’s no way to go about life. The act of routines combats that line of thought. By showing up to your exercise routine each day, you’re giving your body a schedule and, in essence, a purpose to keep going. 

When you get used to a routine, even bumps in the road can’t do much to throw you off. You’ll learn that there’s always a way to commit to something that you’ve already set your mind to. 

“If you're knocking out systematic routines all day long, it’s because you've layered them on top of each other. Now, they’ve become second nature. Your entire waking day, you’re going to be feeling accomplished and feeling like things are going well. Everybody's gonna have curve balls thrown their way, but if you have something you can go back to and feel that accomplishment, feel joy, feel happiness, it'll help reset your head.”

How to exercise everyday begins with the small stuff, the easy stuff, like sticking with a certain amount of water to drink per day. Or stretching your body a few times each day. Small things like this can allow you to build on your motivation and confidence to tackle more challenging and strenuous activities in the future. 

By the time you’ve established a routine and are committed to beginning an exercise habit, your body and your brain will be up for the challenge. 

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