Drive Your Fitness with the Concept of Excellence

Drive Your Fitness with the Concept of Excellence

There’s a difference between excellence and perfection. If your fitness goal centers around pursuing perfection, then you’re going to let yourself down a lot - and that can be hugely demotivating. Pursuing excellence, on the other hand, is more beneficial because there’s no end-all-be-all to excellence. Instead, it keys in on accountability.


Tim Duba, co-founder of Protekt, states that there’s no way anyone is going to change overnight. That’s not how excellence works.
“Excellence, to me, is about being accountable. And that's a lot easier when you surround yourself with other high achievers.”
But it’s not always the simplest thing to do, surrounding yourself with like-minded, high-achievers who also want to see you commit and achieve. What’s one way that you can do that, find a community that will hold you accountable? Social media.
Many people criticize social media because its has so many negative connotations. But Tim Duba doesn’t see it that way; it all depends on the way that you use it.


“I don't think celebrating the fact that you're challenging yourself amongst friends is a bad thing. I think it's cool when people bite off something a little bigger than they can chew. Because nine times out of ten, they go out and do it. And on social media, you have a whole crowd of people, who you might not even know personally, cheering you on.”
Having your own cheering section never hurts when you need that little boost of energy. Something else that can boost your energy is Protekt’s liquid supplements - they give you a steady flow of it without the crash.



Instead of giving a small portion of yourself to ten different things that don’t serve you, you can achieve excellence by giving your entire self to something that makes you happy, something that brings purpose to your life. Whether that’s exercise, blogging, or even knitting, there’s no use wasting this life on something that doesn’t bring you joy.
Tim Duba says, “Prioritize the things that are mutually beneficial, things that give back to you in one form or another - not necessarily monetarily or with love, but sometimes with just a feeling of accomplishment. That can have a great return on your happiness, and your overall effectiveness as a human. It really does negatively affect your happiness and your soul to a certain degree, if you're not doing the things that you always wanted to do.”
Depriving yourself of your priorities, your true priorities, keeps you away from excellence.


Making Goals

A huge part of attaining excellence is grabbing onto that feeling of accomplishment. And what gives you more of that feeling than crossing something off your to-do list, or your list of goals? Not much. Making goals within your routine, whether they’re big or small, has a huge impact on how you view yourself. How to create a fitness plan hinges greatly on setting goals and checking them off.

“To me, the pursuit of excellence is about chipping away at your goals every day. Becoming the better version of yourself. Whether that's by doing mental exercise, physical exercise, getting more flexible - it's just the simple act of doing what you say you're gonna do. You know when you say you're going to do certain things, and you put it off for a week or two, and you start to feel really terrible about yourself? Because you're like, ‘I know, I said I was gonna do this, and it wasn't that big of an ask. And I blew it off, because I didn't feel like it.’ Then you start to get in that depressing cycle of feeling like, ‘Man, I failed at something so simple.’ That takes a toll on people who never start their goals.”

More often than not, the hardest step to take is the first one. After that, it gets easier and easier.

Excellence Tips

If you’re looking for a few quick pointers on how to achieve excellence, look no further than this list:

  • Put 100% into everything you do.
  • Be an example for others.
  • Develop life-long friendships.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Stand up for what you believe in.
  • Help those around you, even if you have nothing to gain from it.
  • Embrace the truth, no matter how ugly it may be.

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