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Protekt Ambassador Nathan Florence on the Bertcast Podcast

Protekt Ambassador Nathan Florence on the Bertcast Podcast

Nathan’s been drawn to the great outdoors for his entire life. For as long as he can remember, surf has always been a part of it - at this point, he’s probably spent more of his life in the water than out of it.

He got a chance to sit down with Bert Kreischer on the Bertcast podcast to talk about some of his adventures and how he got to where he is today. 

Nathan Florence started getting paid to surf when he was around 14 or 15 - he’s had a sponsorship with Vans shoes for almost half of his life (he’s 26 now). But while Vans can definitely amp up your style and comfort out of the water, they can’t do much for you while you’re surfing. 

It’s a different story when it comes to Protekt’s eco-friendly sunscreen.

We have created a zinc oxide sunscreen that’s been put through the wringer by Nathan’s relentless lifestyle. The reason it’s so amazing? Not only does the zinc oxide included in the sunscreen reflect those UV rays off of your skin and back into the atmosphere, it’s also safe to use in the water. This is why it’s such a popular product with surfers everywhere. It doesn’t cause pollution, taint the ocean water, or cause damage to our reefs. 

As a surfer, Nathan Florence wears sunscreen more often than your average guy. Because of this, he has to be especially careful with the quality of product that he puts on his skin. He’s a big proponent of what Protekt has to offer not just because of his brand ambassador status, but because Protekt’s sunscreen is non-nano, meaning that the particles of the sunscreen are not small enough for the skin to absorb. Instead, they sit on the surface and create a physical shield between your body and the sun. If you live in your sunscreen like Nate does, any kind of irritation is a non-starter. 

You can check out the rest of this conversation along with much more on the full Bertcast podcast - right here

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