Stick to a Fitness Plan to Stay Healthy


The human body isn’t an accident - far from it. There’s a reason why it works the way that it does. Your body’s innate ability to fight against viruses and other infections depends on keeping it in a state of optimal health. 

Sleep and Hydration

The two things that your body needs more than anything else are hydration and sleep. If you don’t get anything else in life, make sure to get enough of these two. It’s not always easy to incorporate them into a busy lifestyle, but Protekt has made it simple with our natural beverage enhancers like HYDRATION and IMMUNITY

When you’re adequately hydrated and equipped with enough sleep, your body is prepped to handle more than it can without those tools. Tim Duba, co-founder of Protekt, can’t overstate their importance enough. 

“With those two things, all the things your body does naturally are enhanced tremendously. When you’re hydrated, your brain function is enhanced, your digestive health is more efficient, your immune system is boosted, you rest better, you recover better, and you're more pliable so injuries are prevented. Then, because you're in an optimal state, you're able to get more out of whatever exercise you’re doing. The whole point behind Protekt is to stay in an optimal state - that way, if something bad happens, your body is in the best possible state to handle it when it occurs. It's setting you up to handle adversity as it arises.”

Don’t Be Fragile

When it comes to knowing how to create a fitness plan, you might be wary to try things that are outside of your comfort zone. The hard truth to swallow, though, is that your comfort zone could end up hurting you in the long run. 

Nick Norris, co-founder of Protekt, encourages people to look life in the eye and take risks. You’ll end up reaping more benefits than if you didn’t. 

“You can live your entire life in fear - but the best way to twist the odds so that they’re in your favor is to stress yourself. Get out there and test yourself in the outdoors, test yourself physically, test yourself emotionally and spiritually. Do things that are difficult. When you're tested by a virus, or a bacteria, and you've been hiding and not really stressing your body physically, the odds are that it's going to have a more profoundly negative impact on you. But if you're outside, you're healthy, and you're pushing yourself cardiovascularly and doing things that drive optimal wellness, your body will be primed. To Tim's point, your body will be able to deal with the threat appropriately, effectively, and ultimately recover from it more rapidly than somebody who has shied away from that lifestyle.” 

No Olympic Training Needed

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying that you need to go out and become an Olympian overnight. All it really takes is a workout plan and some drive, and the desire for optimal wellness. It’s not difficult to put together a fitness plan, and everyone can make time for working out at home - especially with so many people working from home already. It’s a near-perfect setup. 

Living a healthy lifestyle primes your body for success - for fighting off infections, for improving health, and just for feeling better all around. It just takes some motivation and a few small steps to get the ball rolling.

Tim Duba says, “What it comes down to is this: you have to genuinely want to be healthier. And that comes with accountability and understanding the consequences of leading a sedentary lifestyle.”

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