Slow Down, Refocus, Be Mindful.

Slow Down, Refocus, Be Mindful.

October 09, 2020

The world is a fast-moving and busy place. Whether you’re a student, part of the workforce, an athlete, or all three - there’s no doubt that you need to give yourself the space needed to refocus your overworked mind. It’s not a chosen few who need to do this, it’s all of us. Taking life at a reasonable pace and implementing meditation and mindfulness makes for happier, more well-rounded people. 

Athletes can especially benefit from mindfulness, and in ways you might not expect. Meditation has the potential to improve physical performance. By centering your mind, you inherently center your body and put yourself on the fast track to success. But that’s not the only area in which meditation can work for you.

First of all, meditation doesn’t exactly work for you. It works with you. Meditation and other forms of mindfulness, when incorporated into daily routines, become a part of who a person is at their core. Mindfulness brings an inner peace and a calmness that surrounds a person, and it works its way into everything they do. 

Mindfulness can help athletes focus on different aspects of training and competition - towards results that aren’t always based around performance. Consider this: What if, by being more mindful, you could reconnect with the things you love most about a sport? This way, you’re not endlessly grinding without a purpose. That’s what kind of capability mindfulness and meditation have.

The Aspect of Performance Supplements 

You don’t have to tackle this mindfulness project on your own. Really, it shouldn’t even be viewed as a project. It’s more of a personal journey - a journey that performance supplements can aid in. For example, our Organic Lion’s Mane. 

How Lion’s Mane Helped Me

Take this firsthand account to heart when considering Organic Lion’s Mane

I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel much of anything when I first started taking Lion’s Mane. The concept was pretty cool, but it didn’t seem to affect me. I was ready to throw in the towel and accept that I’d have to move on and try something else, but that’s when I started a new meditation exercise. It was something I’d heard about from my coworker, and it seemed legit. Mind you, at this point I still wasn’t feeling the effects of Lion’s Mane mushroom extract. 

After partnering the daily meditation with consistent Lion’s Mane intake, I soon realized that I was recalling facts and numbers more easily. On top of this, I was focusing much better in the mornings. Before, I’d start the day off in a fog that would last until at least 10am. But now, I’m sharp and clear as soon as I wake up.

By being more mindful, I was able to notice these improvements that normally would have been lost against a background of noise and distractions. Mindfulness gave me the space to see these changes and Lion’s Mane, and on top of that, gave me a stronger ability to focus, deepening my ability to meditate and practice mindfulness. So, the two went hand-in-hand in a really beautiful and beneficial way.” 

Tips for Beginners

Never tried meditation before and want to start? You’ve come to the right place! 

It can be daunting, the thought of emptying your brain. It can even seem impossible. But we promise, it’s not. 

The first step towards beginning a meditation practice is to sit for just two minutes and clear your mind as best you can. Once you get two minutes down, increase your time by another two minutes. By the end of the week, you’ll be meditating for up to ten minutes straight! 

It’s important to work meditation into your routine, which means that you should do it at the same time each day. Whether that’s first thing in the morning, or if it’s the last thing you do before falling asleep, it should be the same every day. 

Check in with how you feel, count your breaths, and come back when you wander. Being physically aware of your body gives your thoughts less control. This way, they’re less likely to take over. But if (and when) they do, you can always come back to center. 

The most important aspect of meditation is not to worry if you’re doing it wrong. Everyone meditates differently, so there is no right or wrong. The only wrong way to do it is to not try at all. 

Check out this website for more information on meditation. 



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